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How it Works

Delivering Farm Fresh - Mundii delivers fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the facilities of our partners to yours. We are committed to delivering fresh, safe, and wide range of produce to meet your needs.

1. Quality Food and Great Value

Our partners pride themselves for sourcing some of the freshest, high-quality, amazing local and imported products. All of our products are picked up directly from our partners’ facilities daily. This means that you receive freshest farm products possible for great value.


2. Locally & Internationally Sourced

It’s never been more important to know where your food comes from. Our partners’ source directly from local and farmers internationally providing complete transparency on where your food is coming from.


3. Delivered Right to You

Support farmers and shop online with ease through Mundii. Our on-demand delivery allows you to order when you want and where you want with only one day lead time. $0 minimum order and FREE delivery over $49.

Want to know more?

Are you looking to source good quality produce with great prices? Connect with us today to learn how Mundii can lower your cost while delivering consistent quality.